Making future, 
connecting people

We drive the evolution of technologies, processes and infrastructure towards the future. We value relationships in the belief that people are the beating heart of technological innovation.

We are CDLAN

Innovation for us is a daily mission that we pursue with passion and dedication. 

Our values

We are a company that looks to the future with optimism, committed to creating a better world through innovation, listening and customer focus.


We make commitments with determination, delivering timely and quality results, and being accountable for the consequences of our actions.


We work and communicate with clarity and simplicity, supporting decisions made, even if they differ from our point of view.


We build calm and collaborative relationships, respecting professionalism and competence, promoting an effective and reliable working environment.


We combine our skills in a synergetic manner to achieve the common goal, enhancing different perspectives and creating innovative solutions.


We turn the everyday into the extraordinary, facing difficulties with pleasure and positivity, thanks to our strong interest in work.


We stimulate continuous improvement and change through continuous innovation of processes and products.


Every action we take aims to achieve goals effectively, paying constant attention to quality and always striving for the best.


We design products and services around customer needs, always guaranteeing excellence and simple solutions. 


Creating new ways of doing things to improve people’s lives


Working every day with enthusiasm and responsibility to deliver reliable ICT solutions with excellent service

Our background

We use our Telco and Data Center expertise to support the digitisation of businesses, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We aim to bring innovation to every company with the same passion and professionalism that has always set us apart.


We were founded in 2000 as an IT consultancy company, and since then we have continuously expanded our range of solutions


We became a Telco operator


Start of ambitious project to build a Tier IV compliant proprietary data center in Caldera Park


We start construction of C21 in Caldera Park


We inaugurated C21, we consolidated our presence both nationally and internationally


We inaugurate E100 in Rome


We became a Benefit Corporation


We become Carbon Neutral


We continue to enhance our infrastructure and provide our customers with excellent service

Benefit Corporation

We prioritise not only on our economic growth, but also the well-being of the communities in which we operate and the environment around us. As of 2022, we have embarked on a significant transformation by becoming a Benefit Corporation.