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The best technology, maximum autonomy and flexibility for a frictionless experience

The simple, flexible and cost-effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution


Scalability and flexibility

Possibility to increase and decrease services and functions as required.
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Dedicated support

Team of experts supporting internal IT and cloud infrastructure.

Simplified management

Quick access to virtual resources via a more user-friendly console.

Constant updating

State-of-the-art technologies and software solutions.

Internet traffic included

Public UP and Internet traffic always included.

Pay-per-use payments

Optimised IT costs and simplified billing.

The best technology, maximum autonomy and flexibility for a frictionless experience

Our IaaS solution provides performance similar to a physical infrastructure, eliminating the cost and complexity of hardware management. Your company can scale resources as needed, paying only for what it uses. We manage, monitor and update the infrastructure, allowing your IT team to focus on strategic priorities for business growth.

Autonomous virtual machine management

Creating, switching on, switching off, accessing the console and deleting.

Private networks with virtual firewall

Definition of basic rules for balancing and controlling access to the VM in the private network.

Best-in-class infrastructure

Infrastructure based on Linux KVM or VMware hypervisor with Cloudstack orchestrator.

Customised templates

Creation of templates from VMs in use to simplify the deployment of several similar VMs.

Volume Snapshot

Ability to schedule VM disk backups via snapshots.

Use of own ISOs

ISO loading of desired operating systems paying only for the storage used.

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With BaaS, you reduce both the cost and complexity of infrastructure management, while enjoying virtually unlimited scalability.

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