Maximum data security and instant recovery  

With our Backup solution, we ensure the continuous protection of your data, offering a customised, secure, and scalable backup system. All that without compromise, thanks to the power of the cloud.

Safeguard the continuity of your business


Unlimited scalability

Meet the changing needs of your business by flexibly scaling resources and storage capacity.
data encryption

Data encryption

It’s not just a backup, it’s a digital fortress. Thanks to encryption, your data remains secure during every stage of transfer and storage.

GDPR Compliant

Your privacy is our priority. We only host corporate data on servers located within the European Union, to ensure full compliance with the community’s strict privacy and data protection regulations.
supporto copia

Specialised support

Professional and prompt 24/7 support to resolve any issues or incidents.
vigilanza dati

Continuous monitoring

24/7 surveillance on your data. Our team of experts constantly monitors the integrity of the backup to avoid any unforeseen events and ensure the total security of your information.

Total protection

Go beyond the simple backup. We use a combination of techniques such as incremental backups, snapshots and replication to ensure continuous and reliable protection of your data.

Don’t compromise the Integrity of your data!


01 What are the advantages of BaaS over on-premises backup?
With BaaS, you reduce both the cost and complexity of infrastructure management, while enjoying virtually unlimited scalability.
02 What cost model does the BaaS service adopt?
You only pay for the resources you actually use, thus aligning the cost to your actual needs.

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