The ultimate answer to DDoS attacks for your business

Comprehensive protection against cyber threats, to ensure security and continuity for your business

Filter, identify and absorb attacks with precision and speed


Full protection

Network and services perfectly safe, always.

Simple configuration

With only IP addresses and without configuring DNS.

Automatic mode

Attack recognition and automatic response.


Advanced technologies

State-of-the-art technology for rapid intervention.

At your service for unprecedented protection

Using sophisticated algorithms, it is able to detect and mitigate anomalous traffic quickly and accurately.
In case of attack, DDoSmash is backed by an emergency response team that provides 24/7 support to help customers respond quickly and effectively to any security incident.

Permanent protection of your IP space

Requires at least one /24 ipv4

On-demand or permanent protection via BGP

Requires at least one /24 ipv4

Protection via addresses provided by CDLAN

Rotated on the customer's infrastructure

Secure virtual instances in the cloud

Specialised consultancy

Customised Sla

It immediately detects and blocks incoming DDoS attacks.



01 How exactly does DDoSmash work?
The solution operates in 4 phases: detection of suspicious or abnormal behaviour, re-routing of traffic to scrubbing centres, mitigation of abnormal traffic, adaptation and performance improvement through updated detection parameters

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