Transparency, trust, responsibility: our approach to self-management

We believe in people, in their competence, creativity and ability to make meaningful decisions for the success of the company. We are proud to have adopted a self-management model. An agile method that allows us to adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment.


Instead of pyramids, we prefer circles!

To foster self-management, we are organised in circles with specific responsibilities and objectives. This model makes us flexible and responsive, while maintaining clarity on responsibilities and expectations.
Each circle has its own responsibilities, including project management, problem solving and promoting innovation. The main goal is that each circle contributes to the company’s core objectives.

Collaboration between the circles is essential to our success

Everyone can count on the full support of all Cdlaners but is encouraged to go beyond their own comfort zone to achieve ambitious and recognised goals, maximising their own potential. Collaboration enhances our ability to innovate, keeping the company at the forefront.

Transparency and Well-Defined Processes

The well-defined way of working and the rules that promote autonomy and responsibility enable us to maintain a high level of quality in our actions at all times.