C21 operates in Carrier and Cloud Neutral mode allowing interconnection with carriers, Internet Service Providers and business partners located within CDLAN's data center and in the Caldera campus.

The data center has two redundant MMRs, each with its own access path to the campus optical ring. CDLAN manages its own optical ring to connect all data centers, buildings and utilities in the campus.

Cross connect's feautures

  • The presence of cables of 288 fibers allow direct local or infracampus connections (from C21 to any building in Caldera Park)
  • All types of cross connects can be requested in redundant mode with differentiated routing
  • In the C21 data center the cross connect is a pair of single mode fibers
  • The data center in Rome, E100, is interconnected with local connections (multimodal cross connects)
Mappa Cross Connect


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