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The Tier IV compliant data center
in the heart of the italian network.

Maximum performance

C21 is the most performing data center infrastructure operating within Caldera Park, the area with the highest density of IP networks in Italy and home of the Milan Internet Exchange (MIX), public peering point with over two hundred interconnected Network Operators.

The data center has been designed to create a state-of-the-art environment and to meet the highest standards of infrastructure quality and security.
In fact, C21 is the only Tier IV compliant data center within the Milan campus.
This means being a reference point for companies that want to host their mission critical applications in the safest cloud data center, guaranteeing business continuity for a yearly uptime level of 99.995%.

Innovation in security systems

There are 6 checkpoints that must be passed before a system containing data can be touched:

  • First check made by 24x7 security staff
  • Incoming vehicle control through license plate reading system
  • Authentication with personal document and signature for each entry in CDLAN
  • Access control through personal badge reading
  • Security portal with body weight detection
  • Rack opening code

In addition to these, there are 3 further levels of security that can be implemented individually or together (smartphone for authentication via Bluetooth, pin code and badge) to access to data rooms, MMRs, Private Suites and individual Aisles.

High power density - 6 kW IT per rack

C21 uses a highly efficient direct expansion cooling system that can withstand high power density of up to 6kW per rack.

Dual power feed

The design of C21 energy plants involves two redundant Medium Voltage substations capable of delivering up to 3.2 MW each
and connected to the national network through differentiated paths.

Cold aisle containment

The layout of the data rooms provides for the containment of the cold corridor which guarantees an annualized PUE equal to 1.50.

24x7 monitoring

C21 offers you the peace of mind of having your systems in a Data Center assisted by qualified technicians
and security personnel
who monitor your systems 24x7.

Hyper connected

  • C21 is connected to the CDLAN data center in Rome, E100, through a 100Gbps backbone on diversified infrastructure paths. For this reason, E100 is ideal for the implementation of Disaster Recovery plans
  • C21 is connected to the main Italian Internet Exchange Points, including MIX (Milan Internet eXchange) and TOP-IX, remotely located in the C21 MMRs, and NaMeX, remotely located in E100
  • Born to operate as carrier and cloud neutral, C21 was the first data center in Italy to obtain the Open-IX certification
Mappa Italia per MI - ROMA (1)

Redundant and differentiated network paths

All Infracampus connections and access points in C21 are redundant to ensure maximum security and continuity of service

Different access points to the buildin
for network cables

Different fiber inputs in the Caldera Park

288-fiber optic cables to connect
all campus buildings

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