The ultimate connectivity for every type of business.

CDLAN's advanced connectivity solutions are suitable for all companies seeking the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Flexibility and diversification are characteristics that make our connectivity perfect to meet the needs of all types of business.

Our solutions are based on a redundant fiber optic network infrastructure, scalable and integrated with that one national NGA Multi-Carrier.

By selecting each time the best available option, we build infrastructures that meet the most challenging requirements in terms of performance and resilience.

Dedicated Fiber Optic

Through our Fiber Optic - up to 100Gbps dedicated - we guarantee you a stable, secure and high performance connectivity.


With our NGA (New Generation Access), with symmetrical or asymmetrical ultra-wideband circuits, you can benefit of a connectivity characterized by high standards in terms of speed and reliability; therefore, they are perfectly suited to be used as a backup to a main Internet line.


We have symmetrical or asymmetrical circuits, with a wide coverage on the national territory that guarantees a high speed Internet access even in the most remote areas.

IP Transit

Through our connections with other ISPs and thanks to the reliability and high quality of our network, you will have access to any IP address.


We build and manage WAN, VPN and MPLS networks in a flexible way, giving the possibility to connect companies geographically distributed on the territory.