Company information

Registered Office Via Caldera, 21 20153 Milano
Tax Code/VAT no. 13064680153
Economic and Administrative Index of Milan MI-1614446 
Share capital € 2.000.000 fully paid up


Code of ethics

We care about integrity, transparency and ethics in our activities. CDLAN’s Code of Ethics defines the core values and moral principles that guide our organisation and testifies to our commitment to operate responsibly.

Impact report

As a Benefit Corporation, we have made a commitment to measure our positive impact on society, the environment and the economy, demonstrating our ongoing contribution to building a better future together.

Quality and information security policy

We consider information security a strategic element of our operations. At CDLAN, we have set ourselves the goal of preserving and protecting our processes, information and personal data protection through a structured model.

Service charter

At CDLAN we have adopted the “Service Charter” (hereinafter referred to as the “Charter”) with a view to ensuring transparency in customer relations and the quality of the services we offer.