Integrated voice to improve your business productivity

Like UC (Unified Communication), VoIP saves money and keeps up with the times. In particular:
- Improves the way to communicate in the company through the use of innovative technologies;
- Allows you to work anywhere promoting smart working and optimization of business costs.

Our VoIP solutions

ip centrex voip


The complete platform for making and receiving calls via IP data networks or through a native connection of your own IP-PABX
to the VoIP network CDLAN.



The solution that offers completely new features and a wide range of possibilities in the field of telephony and integrated communications. Video, application sharing, office integration, mobility and voicemail helps you to greatly facilitate communication between teams and collaborators, optimizing their processes.

voice gateway


It uses the existing internal telephone systems through the Voice Gatway installed, tested and managed at the customer's site and with which to interface both for data and voice connections. In this way you can integrate the traditional public network (analog / ISDN / PRI) into the company IP telephony.

Discover How to Increase Your Productivity with Our VoIP Solutions

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Strategic Location for VoIP Solutions

With more than 200 connected ISPs, Caldera Park is an exclusive place for ICT companies from all over the world who wish to manage with excellence customers strategic activities in Italy. Caldera21®, the first Italian certified carrier neutral DC, is the ideal partner for the competence and quality of its proprietary infrastructure, which guarantees a premium network management service, high-performance cloud connectivity and data center.