The colocation market between future, technologies and professionalism from the point of view of the major players.

On tuesday 30th March10:30 a.m. – will take place the Tomorrow’s Data Center Forum, the digital event organized by Vertiv, since always a player present in Caldera21 with its technologies. During the event, our CEO Corrado Del Po, together with other major colocators, will discuss the future, professionalism and technologies of the data center market.

What are the challenges to overcome to ensure business continuity for critical applications?
Business continuity is a necessity, and it is this need that is driving the data center industry to a strong and steady expansion, which has already begun in late 2020 and will continue throughout 2021.

In fact, according to calculations developed by, there are 4.709 data centers globally, distributed in 126 different countries. Of these, 77 are in Italy, present in 30 different areas throughout the country. A number that places our country in sixth place in Europe and in the top 10 worldwide, demonstrating that for the companies the digital transformation is an imperative and, above all, an engine for business innovation.

We will talk about this and more in the highly professional framework of Tomorrow’s Data Center Forum.

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