CDLAN releases the new corporate website

CDLAN renews its online presence and presents the new institutional website Caldera21. com


MILAN – January 8, 2018. CDLAN renews its online presence and transforms itself with the aim of being a point of reference in the ICT market, aiming to become an integrated telecommunications ecosystem that meets the needs of a target that stands out for the growing interest in this sector.

The new site, which can be reached at, has undergone a complete restyling of graphics and content and is now the basis for the creation of a privileged channel of communication with customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

Also available in English, the site consists of several pages, organized on the basis of a main menu that offers the discovery of business solutions and the data center, completed by the page “news” and “contacts” that includes the section “work with us”.

Over the next few weeks, the site will be completed with detailed pages for each individual service, emotional videos and further news; specifically, the development guidelines are:


– Modernisation of the brand through a more web-oriented approach, particularly linked to new information content and the participatory dimension of the social world;

– Creation of a new integrated offline-online, multi-platform communication system;

– Dissemination of the Caldera21® brand.


“We wanted to rethink the site by focusing on the importance of innovation and continuous communication with our stakeholders,” said Cristiano Zanforlin, Marketing and Sales Director of CDLAN Srl. “We believe that this investment is the starting point for the valorisation of Caldera21® online and the entire CDLAN heritage.


Press release n.1 – 2018