CDLAN makes first AWS Direct Connect available in Italy

Companies based in Milan can now access through CDLAN to AWS Direct Connect. The easiest, stablest and safest way to establish a dedicated network connection from their premises to AWS cloud resources.



CDLAN, with its Data Center in Milan Caldera21®, was chosen by Amazon Web Services as the first Italian site for AWS Direct Connect, the Amazon cloud service that creates dedicated network connections (1GB/s and 10GB/s) between datacenter, office, or colocation environment and resources in the AWS cloud of any global region.


Access to AWS Direct Connect through Caldera21® allows companies to directly interface their network with a device at one of the AWS Direct Connect facilities. The advantages compared to an internet-based connection? In many cases, less latency and reduced network costs. Basically, an increase in bandwidth throughput, which provides companies with a much more stable and consistent network experience.


For that reason, the performance of AWS Direct Connect is particularly suitable for companies with heavy bandwidth workloads, which need to transfer critical data directly between data centers or which must create hybrid environments that comply with regulatory requirements requiring private connections.


Amazon selected CDLAN because Caldera21® conforms to the standard resiliency model required on all Direct locations (two customer facing devices per location that allow customers to establish locally resilient and redundant physical connectivity to the Amazon backbone network) and thanks to the CDLAN asset, which has a redundant and scalable fiber optic network for the provisioning of IP and MPLS services with high capacity connections.