Rome, the second home of CDLAN

With the affiliation to NaMex, we add another important piece to our history.

The Milan campus of Caldera is known to host the most important Internet and TLC hub in Italy. Being present in Caldera Park with a latest generation Data Center – the first and only Tier IV compliant Data Center in the campus – accompanied by a solid and proprietary network infrastructure, has allowed us to become a reference point for national and international Internet service providers.

But the growing demand for disaster recovery and business continuity services has led us, as early as 2019, to make investments to expand our points of presence in Italy, choosing Rome as a strategic location. This has allowed us to obtain, on a national level, two different poles.

In the capital, in fact, we set up dedicated Data Center spaces that allow us to design an effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategy thanks to the connection with the primary Data Center in Milan. The two facilities are connected through a 100 Gbps optic fiber backbone with geographically diversified routes, which guarantee complete redundancy. CDLAN has recently invested in this path with an operation of modernization and expansion of transport capacity.

Finally, the affiliation to NaMex. A choice that came naturally. Joining NaMex represents a fundamental step and permits us to have a neutral site of exchange in the endpoint of data traffic to central and southern Italy, marking a turning point in the horizons of CDLAN.

All this allows us to be part not only of a more geographically distributed network but, above all, of a big family.

This and much more is told in the interview between Corrado Del Po and Maurizio Goretti, CEO of NaMex. Watch the full interview: