We are pleased to announce the renewal of the association agreement with the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce in their centennial year.

The AHK Italien is the largest foreign Chamber of Commerce and bilateral association in Italy. Together with its 700 members, it has always been a point of reference for the Italian-German business community, which is characterized by a dense and varied network composed by the most diverse industrial sectors.

Symbol of cohesion and of a strongly structured collaboration, the bilateral decision to continue this path undertaken in 2018, comes right at a historic moment for AHK Italien, which reaches this year a milestone, turning its first 100 years of life.

The confirmation of this affiliation has a doubly important meaning for us. Being members of AHK Italien and continuing this relationship characterized by renewed synergy is not only a matter of pride, but it allows us to intensify our business contacts and to be able to confront, looking to the future, about different topics such as digital transformation.

With the hope that this deep collaboration will last for a long time to come, we congratulate AHK Italien for its first 100 years of history.